• "Through the NMVFO, I've enjoyed seeing new places in our state and meeting incredible people who are interested in nature. I'll never forget running into a rattlesnake den as I left the trail work to find a place to relieve myself at Bosque del Apache!"

    - Rickey Richardson

  • "The VFO have been friends of the CDT for a long time, and we appreciate their dedication to service and stewardship. They are a terrific group of folks, whom we have always enjoyed working with."

    - Jon Pierson, Field Program Coordinator, Continental Divide Trail Alliance

  • "Backpacking with the NMVFO into the Pecos Wilderness to work on trails makes me feel alive and exhilarated, doing good, honest, beneficial labor."

    - John Samuli, Member

  • "I joined the NMVFO in 2005 and I love it! I've made new friends, gone to places I'd never known, learned new skills and contributed to the great outdoors of New Mexico."

    - Deborah Radcliffe, Vice Chairperson, NMFO Board of Directors

  • "I have hosted trail maintenace projects for years and deeply appreciate the quality and quantity of work resulting from their efforts. I know everyone involved in these projects really enjoys the rewards of satisfying work in the mountains, as well as the fun social side of time in camp."

    - Craig D. Saum, Trails, Wilderness & Recreation, US Forest Service, Carson National Forest

The New Mexico Volunteers for the Outdoors is an all-volunteer, non-political organization that is dedicated to improving trails and outdoor facilities throughout the state.


There are lots of ways to volunteer, both on and off the trail. Help us make the outdoors great even if you can’t get to the outdoors!


Your participation can make a difference! Your contributions help us make improvements to trails and outdoor recreation areas all across New Mexico.


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